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Isn’t Daniel a little young to be Melanie’s father?  Carly’s affair was supposed to be with another Dr., right?  Let’s say Daniel is, at the most 38 or 39 (although I suppose he could be in his early 40s).  That puts him at around 19 or 20 when he supposedly fathered Melanie.  It takes, what, 8 years to get a medical license (4 years of college & 4 years of med school)?  The way they stretch ages on this show, I suppose it’s slightly believable if he’s considered to be in his early to mid 40s, but it still seems slightly more believable to me for Mia to be his daughter.

But geez, I can’t stand to watch Mia on screen.  She’s as dull as dishwater and could use an acting workshop asap.