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The Horton’s are an incredibly tight knit family and Hope had not just 1 but 2 shocks to her system in the same day.  Losing her dear uncle and finding out about her husband’s infidelity could crack even those with the calmest dispositions.  While I agree that it wasn’t the right time or place  –  you can bet damn well that if I’m at MY aunts house and I walk into the room to see this woman standing there who I just found out slept w/ my husband – well lets just say that my temper may have gotten the best of me as well.  Oh and here’s a newsflash – my aunt would have been disgusted w/ that woman and likely would have kicked her out herself asking her to never return.  So I repeat – yes it was the wrong place – but in this case Hope’s behavior is much more palatable than those of both Carly & Bo.  They too are adults and should be accountable for their behavior.  Carly is clearly not embarrassed or taking accountability for her actions as she point blank told Hope she wasn’t sorry about Bo.  Interesting, yet she’s talking about Hope’s moral high ground.  That was rich.