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Just wanted to comment on Julie’s grey hair.  I always thought it was so beautiful until yesterday when it was shown close-up when she was hugging Maggie.  She had an awfully lot of yellow in it.  I know people always make fun of blue-haired old ladies but I think Julie needs a blue rinse in her’s to get rid of that yellow.  If it’s done right, it doesn’t turn blue.  How many of you remember putting bluing in our wash to make the whites whiter?

That said, I’ve tried to let mine grow out several times but the grey is so ugly, I end up dying it again.  My mom had beautiful grey hair but, alas, I was not so lucky.  Now, it has begin falling out and where I used to have extremely thick hair, you can see my scalp.  The dermatologist says it hereditary (NOT from coloring).  So, in my vanity, I’ve started using Rogaine for Women.  He says it helps about 60% of women grow hair back.  The bad part is that it takes four months before it starts working.  Then IF IT DOES grow hair, you have to keep using it or it falls out again.  And it costs $40/month!!!

So, now you know all my dirty little secrets.  Don’t tell anybody, okay?