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My biggest issue with Nicole throughout this whole saga was her manipulation of Mia.  We’re supposed to think Mia is 15-16 yr old girl who has been kicked out of her house, living on her own, with a boyfriend who is MIA.  Gotta be a terribly scary thing for someone so young to go through.  Enter Nicole – a 30-something yr old that  is telling her all the right things so she can get what she wants, which is Mia’s baby.  Then, she doesn’t even KEEP that baby, opting instead to take Sami’s baby just to stick it to her.  Anytime I had sympathy for Nicole it was destroyed when I would see her lay into Mia and yell at her for even thinking of mentioning the fact that she had a baby.  Wouldn’t let her hold Sydney for the longest time.  Tried to make her leave town.  Convinced her to tell everyone that she had sleep with a bunch of guys.  I mean, all these really terrible things and this is just a kid!  When it came to the treatment of Mia, any and all sympathy I had for her was gone.  Brady, Sami, and EJ – though hurt by her – are adults and can handle that better than a scared kid, going through what she went through.  JMHO