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It seems that companies have no loyalty anymore to their veteran employees.  Where I worked (before I retired) when things got rough, they laid off two people who had been with them for OVER 30 YEARS!  Along with many others with nothing but two weeks severance pay.  That was instrumental in my decision to retire.  Get out before they toss me out.

I have friends/acquaintences who’ve lost their jobs after many years with their employers.  And in every case, it’s been, "Thanks…good-bye!"  One good friend lost her job and two weeks later, so did her husband.  We’ve got the same thing here with our very own Jade.  Personally, I think it’s sinful!  But, you have to understand they are in business to make money and when they are not making it, they have to make cuts.  It ain’t fair but that’s the way it is.