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Well, I didn’t really know it, but I suspected all along that E.J. was the culprit, right from the very beginning.  He gave all of these forlorn looks because he was ALWAYS contemplating his next move.  Well, now we’ll see what happens.  This is why he was so persistent that Sami not involve Rafe.  He knew that eventually Rafe would figure it all out, if he hasn’t already.  God, I love this.  In this particular instance, for what he has done, or for what he and Anna are about to do, he’s worse than a snake.  He might just have to stand on a ladder to look a snake in the eye, IMO.  But, he’s E.J. DiMera, so I’m sure if he can’t get what he wants one way, he’s sure to have another plan up his dirty little sleeve.  Now, I have to ask, who was the person E.J. had watching Anna.  That’s why he ran over there.  Whoever that was called him and told him that Anna was about to leave with Sydney.  That’s why he had that look on his face.  Like…. "just where in the hell do you think you’re going, dahling?"  Love it!