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Nicole is sentenced to 20 years.  She has a good-bye scene, first with Chloe, then with Brady.  She tells Brady to not write to her or visit her

Maggie was in a hurry to go some place.  But later we see her walk into her kitchen looking very forlorn.  She sits down at the table and begins to cry.  I guess we all know what’s coming here.

EJ gets an urgent call, says, "I’ll be right there," and rushes out the door.  The last thing we see is Anna, holding Sydney, opens the door to EJ with a very shocked look on his face.

Some insignificant stuff between Gabby and Mia.  Gabby doesn’t understand why Mia was kissing Will when she came in and yet told her (Gabby) how important Chad was to her (Mia)

That’s about it.