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Ms. Jake

I just wished they would have given more backstory with Nicole…and brought up about how much love Sami had for Grace, even though she didn’t give birth to her, and that’s how Nicole felt about Sydney. And how the pregnancy was a miracle for Nicole, this could have been even more heartbreaking. I was let down that EJ was soo cruel! I thought he loved Nicole somewhat, just a little. But what I really hated is, this could of played so differently. Dr. Baker is dead! This all could have been blamed on him! That he switched the babies…And I don’t blame Brady for testifing on Nicole’s behalf..This is about her LIFE! not just about someone’s feelings. And what she did is not far from what Sami would have done in the same situation. Yes, the judge had no right to bring that up….but what he said about her and EJ was the truth,I’m just shocked that was even written in!!! She’s too good of an actress to send off to jail( for along time) soooo, bet it’ll be a suprisingly lite sentence and everyone will be appaulled, even Nicole will be shocked!