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all I can see is a 30 something man with a teenager; a teenager who tries to act much older than she is and, rough upbringing or not, she’s not convincing me even a little bit.  I did read that while she’s with Phillip, she’ll be thinking of Nathan, and while Nathan is with Stephanie (evidently she decides to forgive him and decides to date him again), he will be dreaming of Melanie.  Barf!!!  What is it about this girl that has these two very handsome, highly successful men so ga-ga.  She is a little girl in a woman’s body who is so screwed up in her head that she doesn’t know who or what she wants.  She thinks she does, but I think you are right DeeLan with regard to when she hears about Mickey, that she will put hold on everything.  I’ll be surprised if her and Phillip do get married.  As a matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say that they won’t.  She’s a little like a younger version of Kate; she wants the money, the power, the name, and all that goes with it, but inside she’s looking for the one thing she’s never really known from childhood up….someone who truly loves her.  She blew that one when she put the screws to Nick Fallon.