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as far as I’m concerned.  First of all, we won’t know the verdict until, I guess, tomorrow.  Brady is the one I’m really hell-bent with.  I hope Sami never talks to him again.  And if Ariana has anything else to do with him, she’s just plain nuts, IMHO.  It’s obvious he’s never going to throw Nicole under the bus, but is willing to throw his sister and girlfriend under, head first.  The judge should have reprimanded Rafe for his cell phone going off.  I don’t know about anywhere else, but here in Maryland cell phones are not allowed in the courtHOUSE, let alone a courtroom.  Ridiculous writers.  Sami was treated horribly by this judge.  Regardless of what he felt for her past custody hearings, or anything else for that matter, it had nothing to do with this trial and should have never been brought by anyone.  Even the lawyers had more sympathy than that judge did for what Sami went through.  Mia and Chad were okay, but their part struck me as more of a performance for each other and for Gabby rather than from their heartfelt sorrow.  Mia is turning into quite the little manipulator in her quest to reconquer Chad.  As for E.J., since I believe he is behind all of this fiasco, I’m more tolerant of the judge’s criticisms toward him, which were accurate to say the least.  Of course, he’ll probably pay for it down the road once his comments reach Stefano’s ears.  But, Nicole was truly the star of the courtroom.  She honestly made me believe that she was truly sorry, and I do believe it, even if I have not been on her side in recent months.  She broke my heart today.  The sincerity and genuineness in her statement and apology to all involved came from deep within her soul, and I could really feel her pain.  God, you are not just good AZ…you are grrrrreat!