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I thought about this for awhile before answering because it’s a very intricate issue and I didn’t want to have someone misunderstand what I say in a sentence or two. 

IzzyB – I have to agree with you – I just see people, not color, sex, race, religion, etc., not in black, red, yellow, white, or green – just "grey" and most of us would do just that if left to our own devices. 

One peeve I do have about the show is that while many the character’s may be called Catholic’s – the show, in my mind, is anti-Catholic (and other religions too) because the faith’s do not support pre-material sex, children born out of wedlock, divorce, lying, murder, kidnapping, etc., all of which are the shows premise.  I see this as anti-faith, and while I am a huge fan of the show, I would rather just hear this or that character just said they were or went to church/synagoge on Saturday/Sunday in passing.  I realize this is a dichotmy in my watching the show and liking the show with the "sin" in it and my not wishing faith to be bastardized by Hollywood.  But then too, we are all complex creatures.