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But while people always claim that Hope is wishy washy and repeatedly moves out, I feel Bo is just as wishy washy about his love for her.  Is she your soul mate or not?  Is she the love of your life or not?  Well it depends if Billie and/or Carly are around is the answer.  I realize that Bo moved on at a time in his life when Hope was thought dead but come on – that ship has sailed.  She’s been back for 16 years now dude.  Perhaps she’s a bit insecure w/ all of his previous relationships – God knows I wouldn’t be sitting there welcoming some ex into my home to cry on my husband’s shoulder.  I’d tell her to find a free and available man to help her – err Justin fits that bill.  And Justin was Carly’s first interaction w/ Salem and her friend so he makes total sense.  I really want Bo & Hope together in the end but I hope (no pun intended) that Hope gets a chance with Justin or even some other man for a change instead of mooning over Bo.  Been there and done that too ;0