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Let me start with, I was a HUGE Lumi fan all the way until Rafe came into the scene.  I hated Sami and EJ together.  Now, onto my comments.

The only person Lucas has ever had ANY chemistry with is Sami.  Every pairing they have done with him has not worked, except Sami.  The issue is, now that I see Sami with Rafe, I see this mature woman.  She doesn’t play her games any more and he has forced her to grow up.  The relationship they have is Sami can tell Rafe anything, and he won’t flip out, get mad, or have this judgement tone.  Because he hasn’t dealt with her that long, he doesn’t have this long history.  Therefore, when things come up, he doesn’t go, Not again.

But when Lucas and Sami are together, I feel Lucas never let her grow up.  Because any small thing she did, he was down her throat.  She needed someone more patient that would allow her to go from this teeager mentality of playing games, to an adult.  Therefore, I don’t see a Lucas Sami pairing ever working, because Sami would revert to her old self.  The only way I would see it, is many years down the road after Lucas had a mature relationship of his own.  If he had ever had chemistry with another character, I could see this as a possibility.  But since he hasn’t, I don’t ever seeing him having this mature relationship.

Therefore, that leaves us with another "friend" character out there.  I don’t want to see Lucas be another Roman (which with Roman, I think the writers are dumb because he has had chemistry with other woman) and therefore, I would rather see him be off the canvas.  The only other way I see him used is that sounding board for Sami, but I would rather see Sami develop a relationship like that with a female.  I actually like Nicole and Sami being friends and think it would be great if Sami has that with someone else.