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This whole Storyline starts with Hope being an IDIOT!  If Hope would take Bo back, there would be no issue with Carly.  Bo would not feel neglected, left out of his own life (with Hope and Ciara), defeated, and rejected.  Hope talks about feeling rejected when Bo didn’t want her to move in for her own safety, but look at what she is going to Bo now.  I mean seriously, the only thing that will save their marriage is if Bo tells Hope this secret?  Which what is the big deal?  He has already told her multiple times this secret is not his to tell, it does not involve him, and it does not involve Hope.  So my personal opinion is Hope has no right to ask Bo (a guy with integrety which is a quality she loves) to tell her this secret.  If a friend told me a secret and told me to tell no one including my husband, I would not tell him.  Plain and simple.

I understand this is a past lover, but at the time Bo thought Hope was dead.  If he cheated on Hope to be with Carly, I could see Hope’s issues.  But he didn’t, so this to me is like a past girlfriend before they were ever together.  I have boyfriends from my past that I talk to from time to time and my husband doesn’t care.  He knows that we broke up for a reason and there is nothing to be jealous about.  Heck, my one ex came to my wedding and we went to his wedding.  My ex and I learned we were better friends than we were ever boyfriend/girlfriend.

This SL drives me insane and personally until Hope has a major attitude change, I don’t blame Bo for any of this actions.  He is hurt and feels very low right now.  You can see he is frustrated and just going through the motions these days, because he doesn’t have a clue of what he did wrong or why he no longer has his family.  Men who feel that way can do odd and strange things.  Now on that note, if he jumps into bed with Carly, well then, that is a different story.  Then he would become the idiot of this relationship.  Until Hope says she wants a divorce and an official seperation, he has no right jumping into any other woman’s bed.

BTW, I loved Carly and Bo as a couple, but I see NO chemistry there now.