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are exploring the possibility of Ariana and E.J., and it has to be said, Brady is beginning to bore me to tears.  As much as I loved him at first, he’s starting to just sound a little too "bitchy" for me right now, and this constant defense of Nicole makes me want to just slap him hard across the face and say: "WAKE UP, IDIOT!"  That, plus:  "Maybe you should go live in a water treatment facility, because you sure do like being *HIT on."  Ari and E.J. I will be keeping a close eye on, because I think they are going to be seeing a lot more of each other, and who knows where it will lead.  As for Roman, there’s only one person I would like to see him with, and that’s Anna.  Maybe if Leanne sticks around after Sydney is returned, the writers will finally see what a good match she is with Roman Brady.