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I was thinking that I would like to see Adrienne and her and Justin’s children return next year. I never saw the kids in the 80’s as I wasn’t alive yet, but I think they would be great additions to the 20-something group. Imagine one of them fighting with cousin Philip over Melanie? I think they had twins (might be difficult to cast), and 2 other sons, from the history that I’ve read. I’m sure Victor would be happy to have more family in Salem.

Also I would like to see Kimberly and Shane’s children, if Kimberly and Shane can’t come , then they could just live on their own or something. I think they’re supposed to be older then Stephanie, so maybe fitting in the early-30’s crowd (Sami, EJ, Nicole, Lucas), I think they have 2 children, a daughter and a son, maybe the daughter could be a potential love interest for Lucas!