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I am not a tea-totaller, I enjoy glass of wine or whisky or beer once in a great while. However, I have two dear friends that have been clean and sober for about 20 years now.  I asked them about their alcohol problems once in a discussion – they said every single day, every minute, every second it is a struggle. 

They also said many alcoholics not only drink, they get into drugs as well.  I think this will be a really touchy subject for Maggie to be falling off the wagon if this is where they take the story. 

Why can’t they just have her deal with her beloved hubby passing and be very tempted to drink but doesn’t – Lucas can pull her back from the brink at the last minute.  There is so much drinking going on in our show (several of you have mentioned it recently as well). Mel is always at the Cheatin’ Heart – why is she in a bar if she’s too young? 

This doesn’t bode well for the younger crowd that watches the show as they are under enough peer pressure as it is to drink. 

Sobriety is nothing to take lightly or have the writer’s it treat like she can go back to being a drunk (not alcoholic because one you are one you always are) and not suffer any long term consequences. 

If they do this story this way, I would hope that when they tie up the story; they will show the devastation and ruin that alcoholism wreaks. 

If you want to go for the real ugly devastation; Maggie should meet up with Rafe’s sisters drug dealer and dapple with drugs (as it is sometimes in real life for that next high) – get really into the mud.  Show her throwing up, show the real ugliness.  Maybe Maggie should lose all – house, restaurant (Chez Rouge), end up at sleeping on the dock.  I wasn’t watching back when Maggie was a drunk, years ago, but I’m sure t.v. didn’t make it ugly back then, but this is now, on t.v. they show kidnapping, murder, etc., so my take is, writer’s IF you are going to do this to Maggie – then do it "right" – show the ugliness.