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I think there are probably more than you think.  I counted them up once a long time ago and was amazed at just how many there are.  Although, if you’d visit some of the TV shows sets, you’d be awed at how small they really are.  Okay, let’s see how many we can name.

Victor’s mansion; Stefano’s mansion, ; Bo and Hope’s living room and kitchen; The Java Cafe; The Cheatin’ Heart; several hospital sets; the Carver’s living room; several different dock sets; The Pub (including Arianna’s bedroom and the entrance); A couple of rooms at the Cop Shop; jail cell; church; Maggie’s kitchen; ‘Sami’s’ townhouse; the park /cemetery; St. Luke’s church;  inside of Victor’s/Stefano’s plane; and the various temporary sets they need to accomodate the current storyline, i.e. bus station, restaurant; and the hospital chapel.  What did I miss?