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I’ve only ever watched "Days" so I’m not sure what the other soaps are like – although, several friends who watch other shows say that they are good too.  

I’m wondering what the reason is for the end of the era of soaps – especially when it seems from "Salem Place" and other sites that there are a lot of die hard fans like me out there.  

For instance, I love books, especially serial books where the characters develop in each book; I think this is the reason I love "Days" – you grow to love a story (or hate it sometimes) that never ends, you get to know the quirks of the characters, eventually, you are hooked and can’t stand to miss a episode. 

If you think about it a lot of the shows on TV are in essence "soaps", i.e., from dramas like "House", "Bones", Law and Order, to comedies like "Fraiser", "Every One Loves Raymond" (I can’t think of any new comedies at the moment)…but it’s the same premise knowing the actors, their history, as the basic story line unfolds.   I sure hope that "Days" stays!