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This sl is so ridiculous.  First off, I couldn’t believe how Carly smashed the glass in Bo’s front door to get in to his house.  She had it all planned to stay at Bo’s.  The idea of her moving in to Maggie’s to get to know her supposed daughter is stupid.  Bo keeps saying she wouldn’t be safe anywhere but at his house.  So its okay for her to move in with Maggie and have her,Mel and Mia be in harm’s way.  Wasn’t the reason he didn’t want Hope and Ciera to come home was because they wouldn’t be safe with Carly there.  I don’t buy that Carly doesn’t have any money to even rent a room at the Salem Inn.  That’s hog wash.  The woman looks like she is on drugs.  She will cling to Bo and he is stupid enough to let her.