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Ms. Jake

It’s up to the writters to define the characters, and there’s too much spinning around for my taste. First they bring on this Lolita type character of Melanie,who wrecks havoc on Max,Stehanie,Nick, then Phillip & Tony & Ej. For all the trouble she’s caused, I can’t believe the turn of events that has happened! The very guy she just about ruined financially, and caused personal problems for, is now the object of his heart?She’s what, 18? The writters should do as much for Stephanie’s character, she’s from the Brady family, and I feel got shafted. I don’t like the way they are writting for Stephanie now. Are we supposed to believe that both Phillip & Stephanie woke up one day and decided to forget they were in love, risked their lives for one another, and all the drama they went through???Silly to think they both are totally interested in other people so soon……And what did I miss..Nathan was quite taken with Stephanie a few weeks ago, he didn’t know who he liked, but it seemed he was attracted to Stephanie more. Now they’re both vying for Melanie’s attention, what changed?