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upon rising in the morning was completely dressed, hair done, and make-up on.  She wasn’t particularly a pretty person but you NEVER saw her ‘scruffy.’  They (husband and two kids) used to go camping with us and when she got up to start the fire she was totally complete.  When we went down by the lake, she’d bring her lawn chair and sit there like a princess and read…NEVER go in the water.  I always wanted to drag her in and get her wet to see what happened but her SIL warned me not to.  She did wear jeans though but only when camping. 

I think there must have been some certain kind of insecurity there but, nevertheless, she was no different than Chloe, even after she had her babies.

My DIL’s mother is like that also.  I had to drop off something at her house once and her BF came to the door and said she was putting on her make-up and he couldn’t see her until she was done.  Seriously!