More spoilers from Days Cafe

From Days Cafe, spoilers from the end of Dena Higley's era as head writer.

Rafe 2 is busted as Fay's killer.
Bo and Hope work with Sami and Rafe to make him confess. EJ
is filled with guilt.
Taylor wants "Rafe" to pay for murdering her mother, unaware it
was really an imposter.
Chloe is blackmailed into becoming a hooker. She was set up!
Jen fears Carly started using drugs because she was in love with Dan
and lost him. She re-examines her role in the situation.
Brady beats EJ to a pulp. Mel steps in before he kills him and EJ is hospitalized. Mel hopes he won't point the finger at her favorite
Kiriakis, but, as we all know, memories in Salem often come back!

EJ handed over the drug ring to QUINN

Dena Higley was fired after the ratings started a steady decline